World of Tanks to host month-long football tournament

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A month-long Tank Football 2016 in-game event will begin in World of Tanks on June 10, Wargaming has announced.

In the event 3-vs-3 teams compete to score the most goals in a seven minute match. Players must use their tank’s gun to blast the ball around the pitch and into the opponent’s net. All players will be credited the unique T-62a Sport (T-62a S) with a free Garage slot. The tank and garage slot will be removed at the end of the event, though medals and emblems earned will remain.

To join the event select your T-62a S and click the Battle! button.

The action will take place in three stadiums: Himmelsdorf Arena, Stade Eiffel, and Old Tankford.

Registration for the Tank Football tournament begins on June 1. The four best teams get one year Premium Account time and a Type 59 tank.

Source: Wargaming

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