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Disney’s The Last Jedi debuted in theaters almost a month ago now and while many people have their gripes about the movie, several people were shocked to find that they actually liked the Porgs. Before the movie came out, Porg mania was in full effect and Star Wars fans were worried that the cute little guys were going to be the next Ewoks and hog up a bunch of precious screen time while fighting off Stormtroopers. Instead, the Porgs provided some light comedic relief and pretty much did their own thing. However, there was one particular scene in The Last Jedi that didn’t end the way that many Porg fanatics thought it was going to. Thanks to the handy work of a clever YouTuber, that scene has been fixed and it’s awesome.

The Porg scene is question happens on Ahch-To, after Luke Skywalker tosses his newly retrieved Lightsaber over his shoulder, much to the shock of Rey who delivered the Jedi relic. A few more scenes go by, but two curious Porgs stumble upon the Lightsaber to inspect it. One is pulling a Luke Skywalker from A New Hope and looking into the laser sword while the other is hopping on the activation button. Obviously, they figure out how to turn it on and one almost gets severed in half, much to the disappointment of certain Star Wars fans.

The aforementioned scene has now been fixed, courtesy of YouTuber Daniel Molinyawe. Molinyawe must have taken his sweet time on the brief 7-second clip because it looks nearly perfect. We see the curious Porgs inspecting the Lightsaber again, but this time, the one at the end gets a hole blasted through him and it’s hilarious. Daniel Molinyawe used Adobe After Effects using footage taken within the movie theater. According to Molinyawe, the (fake) scene was removed because Mark Hamill insisted it would be inappropriate. The poor Porg that died was later roasted by Chewbacca, which solves a plot hole.

Chewbacca ultimately felt guilty for killing a few of the Porgs, but what’s a hungry Wookie going to do on a weird island like Ahch-To? He probably could have followed Luke around to learn how to fish for giant, disgusting sea creatures, but one can’t imagine seeing him having much luck milking the Thala sea siren. However, the green milk would’ve have looked pretty good in Chewie’s fur. Chewie ends up befriending the Porgs and they go on to help out at Crait.

The Porgs were not the annoying part of The Last Jedi that everybody expected. They were not Ewoks and they definitely were not Jar Jar Binks. While we’re not advocating violence, the new video of the poor curious Porg meeting the wrong end of Luke Skywalker’s old Lightsaber his pretty damn funny. You can check out the video below, courtesy of Daniel Molinyawe’s YouTube account. Viewer discretion is advised and make sure there are no children in the room with you.

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