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The business and technological impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to reverberate around the world. As shutdowns loomed, organizations hurriedly rolled out remote work amid steadily increasing cloud adoption trends — and increasing COVID-19-related ransomware and phishing attacks. The changing digital and threat landscape thrust identity and access management to the forefront due to its ability to enable remote access and ensure security in complex cloud environments.

IAM capabilities include identity management, which is the process of creating, deleting or modifying an identity, and access management, which is authorizing an identity’s access to appropriate resources. The same level of security IAM provides, traditionally orchestrated on premises, must now be achieved in complex cloud environments — and often through a third party.

IAM teams are fighting an uphill security battle. Among the most common attack vectors in the breaches analyzed in Verizon’s “2021 Data Breach Investigations Report” were stolen credentials and brute forcing.

To contend with the sophisticated threat landscape, security and IAM teams need to be at the top of their game. To reinforce knowledge of security fundamentals, as well as emerging technology and threats, individuals may pursue IAM certification, enroll in a training program or engage in self-study.

This cloud IAM quiz is developed to measure and reinforce comprehension of cloud security and IAM topics. In taking the quiz, infosec pros can build their IAM knowledge base and provide more value to their organization’s security program.

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