Snapchat’s Spectacles are now on sale near Big Sur in California

Spectacles are on sale again, in their second ever pop-up location (the first was at Venice Beach in LA on November 10) – and people in and around Loma Vista near Big Sur state park are the new lucky lotto winners who can now purchase a pair of Snapchat’s Snap-capturing eyewear.

The new location is way more remote than the first, but judging by the example of the Snapbot vending machine’s stint in LA, it should be selling Spectacles through today, and be refilled multiple times provided there’s interest. The long lines from Friday, along with high selling prices on eBay that are hitting 20x the original Spectacles spelling price, suggest a lot of people could be looking to pick them up – but the somewhat remote location might make for a very different scene.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to use Spectacles feel free to check out the first impressions of TC’s Editor-in-Chief and resident hypebeat Matthew Panzarino, but everyday users seem to love the things, too, so if you don’t mind a lineup (plus beautiful California coastal highway views) and you’re in the area, there’s probably no reason not to go down and get in line.

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