Ryan Reynolds Shares Deadpool 2 Photo After Release Date Shift

We now have a brand new Deadpool 2 photo to go with the movie’s new release date. It was announced recently that the highly-anticipated Deadpool sequel has had its release date bumped up by two weeks, meaning we’re going to see it in May instead of June. Ryan Reynolds decided to honor the occasion by sharing a new photo from Deadpool 2, which shows off his swords, which are inspired by The Golden Girls.

Taking to Twitter, Ryan Reynolds shared the new photo, which features Deadpool suited up and ready to go, looking at the bottom of the handles of his signature swords. We can see that the swords carry the names “Bea” and “Arthur,” in honor of the actress that the character of Wade Wilson is obsessed with, via her work on The Golden Girls. Reynolds also confirmed the new release date, along with a familiar line from the first movie, as well as the Deadpool comics.

May 18. #MaximumEffort

The good news for Deadpool fans is that Deadpool 2 will now be released in theaters two weeks earlier than expected. The movie was previously slated for release on June 1. However, that means it’s also going to be facing some very stiff competition, as Avengers: Infinity War comes out just two weeks before and Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to arrive in theaters the following weekend. Slender Man, though not nearly as big, is also coming out on May 18. This could potentially eat into the box office potential for Deadpool 2, considering all of the other choices moviegoers will have.

A big part of the success of the first Deadpool had to do with the release strategy. The movie was released in February and had little direct competition. Coming off of a truly fantastic marketing campaign, Deadpool obliterated box office records and managed to a staggering $783 million worldwide. Considering the movie’s $58 million budget, that represents an amazing return for Fox. They’re surely hoping for similar, if not better box office results from the sequel. But as a summer release, it’s going to be a tall order to expect the movie to make $363 million domestically, like its predecessor managed.

The biggest determining factor will be if Deadpool 2 is actually any good or not. With Cable and Domino being brought into the fold, expectations are very high. If this sequel is as good as everyone hopes, it may not matter how much competition there is. People are going to see Deadpool 2. This also means we’re likely to see a new trailer for the movie any day now, since it’s coming out in just over four months, so be on the lookout for that. Be sure to check out the new Deadpool 2 photo, courtesy of Ryan Reynods Twitter, for yourself below.

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