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Review: Ambronite

It’s a ritual as old as civilization: hunt and gather, cook, masticate, repeat. Like everything else, though, the primal act of eating real food is under siege. Celebrity cyborgs dismiss traditional meals as a wasteful indulgence, and dream of a dystopian diet that’s as grim as it is efficient. Legions of likeminded techies—toiling away at startups from Mumbai to Silicon Beach—can’t wait for the day when autonomous vehicles drive us down the road to gastronomic ruin. These are the people who would gladly spend all their waking hours coding or chasing VC checks instead of visiting a produce market or whipping up a tomato ragù.




Unlike other meal-in-a-pouch products, Ambronite is made from real food instead of processed supplements. Almost semi-palatable if gulped quickly. 500 calories (and 30 grams of protein) per bag is almost enough to keep you from reaching for the trail mix.


Priced not to move. Seriously, it’s expensive. Despite the all the organic ingredients and feel-good vibes, this vegan-friendly shake is still joyless sustenance.