Ready Player One Photos Arrive, Trailer #2 Coming This Sunday

To help get you ready for the new Ready Player One trailer arriving on Sunday, some brand new images from the highly-anticipated movie have arrived online. The movie is based on Ernest Cline’s beloved, best-selling novel of the same name, which is loaded with tons of pop culture references from the 80s. Steven Spielberg, a man responsible for many of those references, is directing the movie. Here’s what he had to say about it in a recent interview to go along with the new photos.

“There are so many more compelling reasons to escape into the OASIS than exist in real life. A lot of our movie is a comparative study: Which world would they rather spend their lives in, with all the distractions and complexities and perks of the digital world of the OASIS, or with the responsibilities of being a student or a parent living in real life? It’s real life versus virtual life. Which is more compelling?”

The images give us a little bit of a better look at some of the world that will be explored in Ready Player One. We get a look at Wade’s hideout, a massive explosion, a look inside the OASIS and a brand new look at Olivia Cooke as Art3mis. Tye Sheridan is playing Wade Watts, the main character in the book, in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation and had this to say about his OASIS character Parzival, and how he contrast’s to Wade in real life.

“[Parzival] is a bit more confident than Wade. It’s a nice little contrast between who he is in the OASIS and who he is in the real world. When we first meet Parzival, he wins the first race and his avatar becomes this celebrity within the OASIS. But [Wade] is an outcast and an underdog in the real world, and no one knows that he’s actually Parzival. It’s almost like a Clark Kent thing, where he’s someone super, but no one knows about it.”

The teaser trailer for Ready Player One was released by Warner Bros. at San Diego Comic-Con this year and absolutely blew away everyone, even with high expectations. So getting to see the full-length trailer this Sunday could be very exciting. Here’s what Olivia Cooke had to say about her character, Art3mis, in the movie.

“We’re starting to see people are more locked into their phones than looking up and interacting with people. In 2045, there is world famine, there is world war, and the cost of a plane ticket, travel, and of living life to a high standard in reality has gotten so exorbitant that the only form of escape for them is to log into an alternate reality…Art3mis is something of a legend. She is known for being tough, fearless, and confident. I feel like Samantha is that as well. There’s really no differentiation. She prides herself on being true to the core.”

Ready Player One is set to arrive in theaters on March 30, 2018. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new trailer this Sunday, as we’ll be sure to bring it to you as soon as it’s made available online. In the meantime, check out the new photos from Ready PlayerOne, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, for yourself below.

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