News: This Gigantamax Meowth toy is almost six feet tall

The Pokémon Company is making Gigantamax Pokémon toys, and look at the Meowth in this bed isn’t it eerie (via Nintendo Soup).

Imagine if you forgot it was there, and you entered the room in low light, and there was this shape in the bed. It would be awful, is what it would be. However, self-preservation has never been my strong suit, and I still want the Gigantamax Meowth toy. Along with this variant, there are the Gigantamax Alcremie, Pikachu, Eevee, Corviknight, and Charizard toys. Pikachu, Eevee, and Meowth are priced at ¥3,690/$34.59, Corviknight is priced at ¥4,950/$46,41, and Alcremie and Charizard are priced at ¥5,280/$49.50.

Additionally, there are new t-shirts, postcards, pins, mouse pads, paper files, handkerchiefs, key chains, and drawstring bags inspired by Galar Pokémon. Something for everyone, then. This collection is on sale in all Pokémon Centre Online stores, though customers should expect closures or shipping issues from stores affected by the present state of emergency in Japan.

Last week, Game Freak confirmed that one of its employees had contracted the coronavirus, and “swift action with the highest priority” was taken to reduce the risk of further infection. All employees have been working remotely since April 1, and “due to this, we have been informed by insurance agents that other staff are unlikely to contract it from this employee.”

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