News: The Game Awards 2018, Carmageddon, and Starbreeze Studios are your top gaming stories this week

Well, it’s over. The X Factor 2018 has crowned its winner, with Dalton Harris fending off competition from Anthony Russell and Scarlett Lee, becoming the first foreign act to win the UK show. Fair play to him, but the show just wasn’t the same without Louis ‘you look like a popstar, you sound like a popstar’ Walsh. Maybe next year?

Meanwhile, EastEnders welcomed back lovable rogue Alfie Moon to the fold, who is determined to get things back on track with his estranged wife, Kat. Inevitably, things aren’t going to go smoothly, with his baby secret no doubt set to be this year’s Christmas bombshell. Better hold on to the crown jewels, mate, it’s not gonna be pretty.

Finally, Danny ‘I’m fucking Danny Dyer’ Dyer’s daughter Dani has announced she’s split up from Love Island heartthrob, Jack. Still, six months has to be a record for a show like that. As for the cockney geezer himself, Dyer said this week that he fancies seeing a crossover between EastEnders and Doctor Who. Imagine the possibilities?

Tekken 7 confirms Armor King and Craig Marduk, out now

Tekken 7’s character DLC has been pretty spot on so far. Geese Howard is an absolute tank; Noctis is superb fun in a cheap sort of way; while Anna and Lei Wulong are cold-hard classics. Armor King and Craig Marduk are now part of the lineup, and, to be fair, they were always hot contenders. As an Armor King player myself, I’m chuffed to see the jaguar mask-wearing brawler rock up again, with a few new tricks up his sleeves to boot. Marduk meanwhile is an interesting fighter; he’s bloody huge, and has a deadly mix of powerful attacks and grapples. Julia’s on the horizon too, which is cool – you can’t have Tekken with her or her mum, Michelle. As for Negan….well, it shouldn’t work, but he looks bloody fantastic in action. 

Starbreeze Studios files for reconstruction

This week has been a tough time for Overkill’s The Walking Dead publisher, Starbreeze Studios. First of all, the company announced it had filed for reconstruction, which it’s doing in an attempt to get back on track while still continuing with basic operations. Even so, it hardly means the studio is in great shape. Sadly, its problems didn’t stop there. Later in the week, on Wednesday, Swedish authorities confirmed they had raided the company’s offices in Stockholm, due to reports of ‘gross insider breach.’ One person was confirmed to have been arrested in the raid.

Carmageddeon has been acquired by THQ Nordic

Being able to run over pedestrians in a video game isn’t exactly shocking these days – Grand Theft Auto’s been doing it for years. But once upon a time, during a period when the Spice Girls were still relevant, Carmageddon created quite a stink for allowing gamers to nonchalantly mow down innocents. Sadly, that’s about all the game was really remembered for. Is Carmageddon still relevant nowadays, though? Who knows, but THQ Nordic seems to think so, and now owns the IP. Watch this space, I guess.

Rocksteady is not working on a Superman game

Rocksteady has been quiet for a little over three years now, since shipping Batman: Arkham Knight back in in 2015. No one really knows what it’s working on, although one popular theory is that the studio is looking to tackle another DC superhero – Superman. Quite how that would work in a video game context is anyone’s guess, seeing as how he can’t actually, ya know, die. Still, that’s now been firmly shut down by Rocksteady, who also confirmed it won’t be showing its mystery title at The Game Award – and sure enough, it didn’t. It’s a bit of a bummer, as they were a hot contender considering how long it’s been. E3 perhaps?

Super Meat Boy creators reunion is doubtful

Our very own Josh Wise got to have a natter with Tommy Refenes recently, and it’s bad news for those of you hoping for a reunion with his Super Meat Boy partner in crime, Edmund McMillen –it’s probably not going to happen. Sob. 

Rumour: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake in the works

There’s a couple of reasons why a spruced up version of Resident Evil 3 would be a no-brainer. First, the game is inextricably linked to Resi 2, taking place 24 hours before and after Leon and Claire’s zombie-mashing adventure. Furthermore, Capcom would presumably be able to share assets, as Resi 3 partly takes place in the RPD and surrounding streets, mean less development time to some extent. Also, on a personal note, having played Resi 2 myself, it’s pretty obvious that the game’s newly-revamped Mr. X is a template for what Nemesis might be in a remake. As such, the prospect of having the S.T.A.R.S killer stalking us in 4K in the next few years seems pretty likely.

The Game Awards 2018 

Given that there’s no PlayStation Experience this year, The Game Awards are pretty much capping off the big announcements for 2018. To be fair, it wasn’t a bad show either; there were a couple of surprising announcements, some decent reveals, and a few obvious fillers. Probably the biggest letdown was the appearance of the Russo brothers, who appeared to give out an award to Fortnite rather than, ya know, talking about the new Avengers game. Seriously?

First up, Mortal Kombat 11 got announced, and Obsidian lifted the wraps off its latest project. Meanwhile Cult kart-’em-up Crash Team Racing is the latest game to get a fresh lick of paint, confirming earlier rumours that the PSOne title was due a makeover. Oh, and Dragon Age 4 is real, even if it might not be called Dragon Age 4.

As teased, we got a full reveal of Far Cry New Dawn, a post-apocalyptic follow-up to Far Cry 5, while Bethesda finally staple-gunned a release date to Rage 2. We also got some new footage of Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s first batch of DLC was revealed to be Joker from Persona 5. Oh, and the Epic Games store is now live, too.

Finally, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is (for some reason) coming exclusively to Switch, the team behind Abzu is making something called The Pathless, and Scavengers is a new cooperative outing from Midwinter Entertainment.

Happy weekend all!

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