News: Temtem is getting ranked matchmaking and achievements soon

Crema, developer of the massively multiplayer monster hunter Temtem, has shared what’s in store for the game in the coming months. 

In spring 2020, the team will roll out ranked matchmaking, spectator mode, in-game chat, club managements, houses, and achievements. The developer is keen to clarify that these plans are subject to shifts, and that the window for these additions have been kept intentionally vague. “During the game’s development cycle, ideas change constantly and stuff we like today we might not like as much tomorrow. So take everything in here not as confirmed facts, but more like the stuff we would like to include in the game,” it said in the update post. 

So, ranked matchmaking. This will be “based on ELO (aka TMR – Tamer Matchmaking Rating)” to begin with, and players will do a few placement matches to get their TMR. Then, players will be matched with those who align with their TMR. Pansun rewards will be awarded for time battling, but this feature will be removed when ranked matchmaking launches officially. All the more reason to drop in, then. Also, balance patches will continue to tweak Temtems, but Crema isn’t too fussed about getting a perfect balance until all Temtems are present in the game.

Autoscaling will take all Temtems’ SVs to 50 and boost Temtems’ level to the current cap (level 48). This autoscaling will only pertain to ranked matchmaking, too. “With auto-scaling, players will still need to capture and organize their teams, set their preferred TV spread using fruits or training, obtain the necessary gears completing the main or side quests in the game and breeding for their desired egg techniques,” explained Crema. “But, players won’t need to grind for perfect SVs or spend a fortune breeding to reach that point.”

Due to requests, spectator mode has been pushed to the top of the pile of priorities, but it will only show basic data about the combatting critters. This will avoid players getting a scoop on an opponent and altering their strategy to reflect their weaknesses. In addition, the in-game chat will be rebuilt and use group and private messaging channels. Clubs will be crucial for the to-be-announced Dojo Wars, but they’ll also let players congregate with their pals.

Houses and achievements were the last additions to be outlined. All Temtem tamers will be eligible for a house on Atoll Row, which will be an infinite location, so there’s no worry about overcrowding. Players will be able to invite and visit other players’ homes, and there will be valuable items on offer to place in the house, like a fruit tree or an incubator. “You will be able to decorate your house using furniture bought and earned in-game, and every furniture store in the Archipelago will open their doors and will showcase different furniture in each island (in a similar way as the boutiques with the clothing options),” elaborated Crema. And, achievements may offer rewards, and will be included for every platform that the game releases on. 

Finally, Crema said that it loves to hear from Temtem players and feedback is welcome. “Temtem is always built around its community so every idea is appreciated,” said the studio, and encouraged players to get in touch through its Discord, the forums, and on its subreddit.

Temtem is in Early Access on PC. 

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