News: Sonic Forces will be spinning into retail in November

Sega has announced that Sonic Forces will be released across Europe on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 7. It’s also revealed that the game will receive a Bonus Edition, and this comes with art cards and a DLC add-on pack.

The Sonic Forces Bonus Edition will come with four Sonic Forces art cards, as well as a Sega/Atlus pack add-on which will enable the player to recreate their Hero character with the look of five other iconic characters from Sega and Atlus games. Now players can sprinkle a little bit of Persona 5 in their Sonic adventure. I doubt there’ll be any opportunity to romance the teacher in this version though. The other character outfits come from Jet Set Radio, Nights, Super Monkey Ball and Puyo Puyo.

Sonic Forces is an amalgamation of gameplay from previous Sonic games, combining 3D and 2D levels for players to explore and enjoy. Players can create their own heroes in-game and customise them as they like with abilities enabled through the Wispon system. It’s not been getting much positive attention ahead of release, and now has to contend with how much everyone loved Sonic Mania (which was a lot).

Those who pre-order the Bonus Edition will also receive the Shadow Costume for their Hero Character. 

Sonic Forces is currently scheduled for release later on November 7 for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

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