News: Sea of Thieves' Kraken is not as scary as we thought

Sea of Thieves’ inclusion of the Kraken is easily one of the biggest highlights of the PC and Xbox One pirate adventurer. After all, as far as sea-faring legends go, you can’t get more iconic than the multi-tentacled beast of Scandinavian lore, which is said to be capable of dragging entire ships down into the depths. 

So yeah, the Kraken’s appearance in the game is a pretty big thing. It shows up at random intervals, turning the sea black with ink before wrapping its tentacles around your ship and laying waste to your crew until you manage to fight it off with cannon and small arms fire. However, those of you hoping for a Pirates of the Caribbean-style ruck with a massive body and a gaping maw with rotten corpse breath will be disappointed — there’s nothing there.

We mean that quite literally, too. Players have found a way to remove the black water effect when the beast shows up, hoping to catch a glimpse at what is presumably a gigantic body lurking beneath the waves. Turns out this isn’t the case at all; the tentacles connect to absolutely nothing. There’s no body, no teeth, no dinner plate-sized eyes, just empty space. 

We’re not sure if developer Rare will actually render a body at some point down the line, although we’d be lying if we said it didn’t break some of the immersion while battling the colossal enemy.

Sea of Thieves is out today for PC and Xbox One. 

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