News: Resident Evil 3 Remake cover art leaks on PlayStation Network

Resident Evil 3 cover art has been discovered on PlayStation Network, inferring that a reveal for the rumoured remake is coming soon (via VG247).

Gamestat found the art as it trawled the PlayStation Store for updates. There is no official listing for the game, but it depicts Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira in the centre and Nemesis looming over them. He has a new design, with “Caution” stickers stamped across his outfit, and the stitches have been replaced with a claw scar on his face.

Rumours of a Resident Evil 3 remake have been rumbling for some time now, especially since Resident Evil 2 enjoyed significant critical and commercial success. Project Resistance was met with derision from a portion of Resident Evil fans, because they wanted a new single-player game or a remake of an existing title instead. Project Resistance’s box art has appeared on PlayStation Network, too, suggesting that the two titles will officially unveil within a similar time frame.


We’ll update this piece once we know more about a Resident Evil 3 remake, so watch this space. 

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