News: New Shenmue III screens show Ryo hitting the arcades

Ys Net has dropped up a fresh batch of Shenmue III images for you to gawk at, and it seems to be shaping up pretty well. Even if they looked a bit naff, the game won’t be out until next summer, so there’s plenty of time for polish, eh?

One of the screens shows protagonist Ryo Hazuki having a bit of down time in a local arcade, so it’s good to see this feature making a comeback. He’s even playing one of the games featured in the original Shenmue, namely the boxing one where you time punches via QTEs.

Created by Yu Suzuki, Shenmue III has been a long time coming, with the last game in the series launching way back in 2001 for Dreamcast and Xbox. So yeah, it’s not been easy being a Shenmue fan; if you’ve seen the ending to Shenmue II, you’ll understand that even more so.

Shenmue III is due for release on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 27, 2019, although it was originally due to come out in winter 2017. 

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