News: New Shenmue 3 screenshots actually look pretty decent

Ys Net has unwrapped a fresh bunch of new Shenmue 3 screenshots for you to gawk at, and the good news is they’re looking far better than some of the wince-worthy efforts we’ve seen in the past. This latest batch comes via the Magic Monaco event in Paris (via Game Revolution), and showcase some of the sequel’s environments and characters. 

From the look of things Ys Net is making some significant leaps with the game’s visual presentation, with Ryo and co in particular eschewing the painful, mannequin-like features of last summer’s crop. Still, we were told that the dead eyes were only temporary, and that indeed seems to be the case.

Shenmue 3 is expected to launch this year on PS4 and PC following a delay that saw the revenge-driven epic miss its Holiday 2017 window. It’s been a long time coming too; the project was first unveiled at E3 2015, where creator Yu Suzuki stepped on stage at Sony’s presser to launch the game on Kickstarter. 

Originally releasing on Dreamcast back in 1999, Shenmue became a cult classic and at the time was touted as the most expensive video game ever made. A sequel followed two years later, but Sega was notoriously fussy on getting a third game off the ground, explaining why so many people — including myself — lost their shit at Shenmue 3’s reveal. 

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