News: Halo: Reach PC mod makes it third-person

Halo: Reach recently made its way to PC, and with its arrival came the mods.

One such mod allows the game to be played in third-person, for those with an ardour for armour, and the fizz and crackle of an energy shield. The mod is only designed to work in Halo: Reach’s campaign, not the multiplayer modes.

It’s a cool touch, and surely the first of many, now that PC players have their hands on the game, which came out first in 2010 and was developer Bungie’s last entry in the series. It was a prequel, telling the story of the first large-scale Covenant invasion of human territory: the planet Reach.

The creator of the third-person mod, AkFumbles, is also working on bringing third-person play into the game’s co-op Firefight mode.

Head over to Nexus Mods to download it (thanks, VG24/7).


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