News: Final Fantasy VII Remake shows off new characters and all-new Corneo Colosseum

Square Enix published new screenshots of Final Fantasy VII Remake, showing Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and a couple of new characters to Wall Market (via Push Square).

Cloud is here in his disguise, and Tifa and Aerith are looking elegant in their formal dresses. We also see Don Corneo, leaning all the way from his seat and leering at someone, I imagine. Wall Market is giving Night City a run for its money, with the hazy neon lights, grimy industrial buildings, and shadowy denizens. The Corneo Colosseum is shown off, as well as the Honey Bee Inn which now draws inspiration from cabaret clubs. 

Four new faces are introduced to us, too. Madam M runs a hand massage parlour in Wall Market, and the man in the cowboy hat is Chocobo Sam—three guesses what his trade is. He’s also found in Wall Market. Andrea Rhodea, rocking a fur collar, runs the Honey Bee Inn, and Leslie Kyle is the sullen lackey of Don Corneo.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch for the PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020. 

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