News: Final Fantasy VII Remake blurry concept art surfaces

Square Enix has lifted the wraps off a selection of new Final Fantasy VII Remake art work for you to feast your eyes on. This latest batch comes courtesy of the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition – Farewell Story Exhibition (try saying that five times fast), and appeared online over the weekend thanks to Twitter user, Junshen.

The images are unsurprisingly blurry (evidently they were hastily snapped with a mobile phone), but you can still make out the goods well enough. Specifically, we’re treated to some images of AVALANCHE members Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge, as well as various parts of Midgar, including Tifa’s snug abode. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in production for PS4, although Square Enix has been notoriously tight in providing us with regular updates on the project. The game was announced at Sony’s E3 2015 press event, although two-and-a-half years later we still don’t know when we’ll be able to get our mitts on the title.

That’s not to say we haven’t been privy to some key facts, however. For starters, we know Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t feature the nostalgia-flavoured turn-based combat of the original 1997 JRPG, and that it’ll include new areas of Midgar not seen in the PSOne version. Perhaps the biggest revelation however is that it’ll be told in multiple parts as opposed to one giant adventure. 

Check out the Final Fantasy VII Remake art work below.

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