News: Ex-Theme Hospital devs return with Two Point Hospital

Remember lovable 90s medical sim Theme Hospital? Well, say hello to its spiritual successor, Two Point Hospital, a new title born from the creative clout of SEGA and Two Point Studios coming to Steam in late 2018.

Two Point Hospital features input from members of the original Theme Hospital team, as well as drawing from creative talent across a wealth of industry veterans who have worked on the likes of Black & White, Theme Park, and Fable. Two Point Studios is promising a compelling blend of humour, charm, and replay value that fans have come to expect of the brand.

The game revolves around treating outlandish diseases with breakthroughs in (fake) medical science true to the spirit of Theme Hospital. In the trailer, for example, we see the onset of Light-Headedness; with a recent epidemic causing chaos across Two Point County, patients are instructed to shamble on over to the newly-established ‘De-Lux-Clinic’ to seek treatment. This also explains Sega’s lightbulb tease from earlier in the week. 

‘We’re delighted to finally announce the fruits of our partnership with Two Point Studios and reveal Two Point Hospital to the world,’ beamed John Clark, Executive Vice President of Publishing for SEGA Europe. ‘We’re committed to finding and working with the best studios, ones that fit with SEGA’s ethos to deliver new IP with strong franchise potential.’

‘Two Point Studios’ vision for Two Point Hospital and their ambitions for it fit perfectly with that notion and we look forward to releasing their game later this year.’

We’ve embedded the trailer and some screenshots below, so you can take a look at this new 3D foray into weird science. You can even call the number in the trailer to try and get through to the hospital…

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