News: Destiny 2 Warmind Exotics include Suros Regime and Apotheosis Veil

Bungie has blown the lid wide open on Warmind, the second major expansion for its Engram-grinding behemoth Destiny 2, during a live stream yesterday evening.

First up, Warmind will offer up a treasure chest full of new loot, which is probably what most of you are eager to find out more about. As expected, the DLC will come packing a bunch of new Exotic weapons and armour, including the return of some fan-favourites such as the Suros Regime and Apotheosis Veil. 

New highlights include submachine-gun The Huckleberry, the Wormhusk Crown helmet, and the Ashen Wake gauntlets. We’ve included some images of the new gear below, so be sure to check them out.

Elsewhere, the ex-Halo developer also revealed some key details regarding Warmind’s story. As mentioned, the DLC will take place on Mars, which Guardians will be familiar with from the previous game. However, this time you’ll explore a brand new area of the planet known as the Hellas Basins, with newcomer Ana Bray playing a key role in the shenanigans. 

The Hive, undead-like foes that previously dominated Destiny 1’s The Dark Below DLC, will return as the primary Big Bad for Warmind. You’ll also square off against them in the horde-like Escalation Protocol, which is a new endgame activity to keep you busy once you’ve finished the main campaign. 

Meanwhile, the Crubile is also seeing some fresh ideas thrown into the mix. There’s two new player rankings being added: Valor increases as you finish matches with no loss penalty, while Glory is a competitive playlist rank that is tied directly to your wins and losses. In addition, you can reset your Valor rank at max level in exchange for rewards, while Lord Shaxx will allow you to view all available rewards and what you need to do to earn them.

Finally, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to enjoy an exclusive Strike, The Insight Terminus, which will be available on Sony’s console before PC and Xbox One owners can get their hands on it. This mission sees Guardians popping over to Nessu and blasting Vex into scrap metal, while new armour sets for each class will also be up for grabs for the PS4 edition of the shooter.

Destiny 2: Warmind is scheduled for release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on May 8 alongside update 1.2.0.

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