News: Destiny 2 dev details Crucible changes and next Iron Banner loot

Bungie has announced in a new blog post that the next Destiny 2 Iron Banner event will kick off on March 6 as part of Tuesday’s weekly reset for the shared-world shooter.

The tough-as-nails PvP event will run for one week, and once again offers a set of new gear from vendor Lord Saladin. You can check out his latest wares below. 

Elsewhere, the former Halo developer also touched base on the upcoming changes to the Iron Banner with Destiny 2 update 1.14, which rolls out later this month. For starters, 6v6 matches will be introduced to the sequel, while the match time limit and score limit will change to 12 minutes and 125 points, respectively.

Meanwhile, all control zones will start off neutral and will take longer to secure by default, though additional Guardians will reduce the capture time. Furthermore, anyone who helps grab a zone will be rewarded with extra super energy. 

Finally, Rumble will be making a comeback, ‘with no excuses, no complications, and absolutely no points for assists.’ Meanwhile, ‘Mayhem is Mayhem,’ the studio added.

Bungie recently announced that it had to delay some key features for Destiny 2, so be sure to take a look at its updated roadmap.

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