News: Cancelled Star Wars 1313 screenshot seemingly surfaces

A leaked screenshot of the cancelled Star Wars 1313 game has surfaced online, courtesy of Reddit.

In 2012, LucasArts was working on a title that would have followed a young Boba Fett at the very beginning of his career, set between the prequel and original trilogies. The barbaric and dangerous city of Level 1313 is hidden under the beautiful and glittering ecumenopolis planet of Coruscant, and the player would have taken on the role of an anonymous bounty hunter. Their character would then be eliminated by a shadowy figure, revealed to be Boba Fett. The player would then take on the role of the iconic mercenary, exploring Level 1313, and exposing a criminal conspiracy at the core of the subterranean colony.

“Sometimes games pursue an M rating because of this desire to do something gratuitously gory, and that’s not what we’re doing at all. I just don’t think those kinds of things go with Star Wars,” said Dominic Robilliard, director of Star Wars 1313. “So when we talk about making something that’s mature-themed, it really is about those characters, the type of story content we’re going to be dealing with, and the kind of things they’re motivated by. The world itself as well.”

Unfortunately, Star Wars 1313 was canned when The Walt Disney Company acquired the Star Wars franchise. Disney shut down LucasArts and abandoned the trademark for 1313, so the game never saw the light of day. However, this new screenshot that has leaked online has shown us what the bounty hunter epic may have looked like. Of course, we aren’t sure if this screenshot is legit, thus it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt.

Level 1313 sure is… grimy. There are these huge and hulking industrial buildings that dominate the city, which make for perfect vantage points and maze-like hideaways. You can almost taste how thick and icky the air must be with limited ventilation and that one skylight of sunlight pouring through the upper level. Boba Fett seems to have his Blas Tech EE-3 rifle and a few grenades at his disposal, and he also seems to be bathed in a red light from a source that isn’t seen in the screenshot. That raises eyebrows with regard to its validity. However, the setting is unlike anything that we’ve seen before of Star Wars 1313.

In 2019, we got Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. That made it into our games of the year, and Josh described the stellar soulslike as an “interstellar back garden—a replayable patch of pathways and secrets that yields the thrill of alien worlds and warms them through with familiarity.” The game did very well for the developer and publisher, and rumours are rumbling that a sequel is sure to follow

Out of the blue, a listing for a Star Wars: Project Maverick appeared and disappeared from the European PlayStation Store, and this may be the “smaller, more unusual project” riffing off of the “space scoundrels” theme that was said to be in the works at Motive Studios. The Force is good and all, but aren’t you tired of being nice? Don’t you want to touch down on a planet out in the (metaphorical) sticks and go wheeling and dealing with your black market kyber? Here’s hoping Project Maverick learned a thing or two from Level 1313.

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