#MeToo and Time's Up Won't Stop Andy Dick from Licking People

Andy Dick has been fired from two movies after accusations of sexual misconduct and licking people. Licking people seems to just be a thing that Dick does and he really doesn’t seem to care about the #MeToo or Time’s Up movement at all. A new report alleges that the comedian hugged and licked a photographer’s face after an interview. The funny (or not so funny) thing about the interview, was that it was about sexual misconduct and people that have been accused, like Andy Dick has been. Multiple times.

Editors at weekly German newsmagazine Der Spiegel came up with an idea to cover the recent Hollywood sexual misconduct cases through a series of interviews with people that have been accused over the course of the last 6 months. The piece is meant to give an update for Hollywood to see what it’s really like in the post-Harvey Weinstein world. The magazine reached out to over 80 men to tell their sides of the stories or to make any kind of statement or comment on the last 6 months in the entertainment industry. However, hardly anyone responded. That’s when Andy Dick steps into the equation.

Comedian Andy Dick agreed to be interviewed for the piece and may have been the only person to do so. Setting up the interview proved to be quite tough as the comedian had to reschedule after falling ill. Senior U.S. correspondent Philipp Oehmke, who runs the outlet’s New York office of Der Spiegel, says that Dick than set up a new interview at his house in Woodland Hills. When Oehmke arrived, Dick’s ex-wife was there with her new boyfriend, who is also reportedly Andy Dick’s best friend, a bunch of animals, and children running around, which isn’t the most ideal place for an interview.

Andy Dick sat down for the interview and gave Philipp Oehmke a two-hour interview that was a rollercoaster of emotions, according to Oehmke. Dick was nice and friendly, but he was little all over the place. Oehmke explains.

“He was super-friendly but very anxious. He wouldn’t stay on topic and got really emotional and cried many times, then would be funny and laughing the next moment. His mood swings were all over the place. It was complicated.”

After the interview was completed, Andy Dick stood up, gave the cameraman the finger for his picture in the magazine. After that, he hugged the male assistant and then licked him on the face.

It appears that Andy Dick is sending a clear message of how he feels about the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him. He more than likely thinks of it as a part of his shtick or routine and doesn’t see the harm. According to Philipp Oehmke, “It’s just his thing.” He went on to say that Andy Dick is a hugely affectionate and intense person but did add that spending more than two hours with him might “jangle your nerves.” You can read the full report at The Hollywood Reporter.

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