Forza Horizon 3's 999,999,999 wheelspin glitch threatens in-game economy

Forza Horizon 3 screenshot

UPDATE: The wheelspin glitch was linked to a “server-side issue” and should now be fixed, Forza community manager Brian Ekberg has said.

“Earlier today, with the rollout of Forza Horizon 3, we discovered an issue where players inadvertently received massive amounts of credits (999,999,999 credits) on certain rolls of the Level Up Tombola,” Eckberg said on the Forza Motorsport forums. “We identified this as a server-side issue and have since corrected it. While we believe this has only affected a small percentage of users, we have put some corrective measures into place.

Forza Horizon 3 screenshot

“For players who were affected by this issue, cars over 1 million credits and purchased within the window that this issue was active will no longer be available for posting on the Auction House. Players will still be able to use those cars as normal (or remove them from their garage altogether). In addition, we will be correcting affected players’ credit balances.

“Now that this fix is in place, we don’t expect additional players to run into this issue.”

ORIGINAL REPORT: A glitch in Forza Horizon 3 is randomly awarding some players 999,999,999 credits, the maximum amount of money allowed in the game.

Multiple players are reported to have encountered the issue when activating a wheelspin, a lucky dip reward that offers them the chance to win a new car or money each time they level up. I haven’t encountered it myself, but I first noticed the issue being reported on NeoGAF yesterday before South African gaming website Tech It Out ran into it themselves.

Here’s a video of the glitch in action:

While the bug isn’t completely game-breaking, it does ruin the in-game economy, with affected players now able to buy pretty much any car they like without earning the cash legitimately. It also threatens to destroy the online auction house, where players are able to bid against others for new cars.

Forza Horizon 3: Ultimate Edition launches on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC today, with the Standard Edition following next Tuesday, September 27.


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