Eddie Brock Revs Up in New Venom Photo

Venom is only a few months away from hitting theaters and an official production still from the Sony film has been released featuring Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. Fans are still trying to figure out what to make of the new Venom movie. Hardy is continuing his tradition of having a weird voice and this one might just take the cake, besting his former co-star Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises. Whatever the case may be, the first tease of the symbiote looked pretty awesome, so hopefully there’s a lot more of that going on when the movie opens in theaters.

The new production still from the Venom movie comes to us courtesy of Empire magazine. Eddie Brock is featured in the new image sitting on his motorcycle, ready to race into some danger, possibly under the influence of the symbiote. It’s not the most exciting image ever shared for Venom, but at this point, we’ll take what we can get until some more footage is released. So far, we’ve seen the severely underwhelming teaser trailer and the official trailer, which was leaps and bounds better.

Additionally, some extended footage from Venom was shown today at CineEurope in Spain. However, no description of the brand-new footage has leaked as of this writing. All that is clear is that it was a lot longer and featured never-before-seen clips. Hopefully a description of the new Venom footage makes its way online in the coming days. After that, we’ll have a second trailer to look forward to, which will more than likely drop later this summer, ahead of the October 5th release date.

Despite some initial fan skepticism, the Venom movie is beginning to pick up some hype from the fans who were scared off by the teaser trailer. While the symbiote has not been seen as much as many would like, Sony has to keep some of it a mystery, much like the appearance of Woody Harrelson as Carnage. While this bit has yet to be officially confirmed, Harrelson has let some pretty huge hints that he’s playing the villain. For one, he confirmed that he’s in the movie and secondly, he admitted that he’s barely in Venom, adding that he’ll be back for the sequel in a more substantial role. It has been reported that Carnage shows up in Venom, but not until the very end of the movie, so this all seems to fit together.

While the new image of Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock on a motorcycle isn’t the most exciting image we’ve seen from the Venom movie, it’s far from the least exciting, which is saying something. Again, more footage is expected to drop soon since the film is so close to hitting theaters. Additionally, it’s possible that the extended footage that was shown at CineEurope today could make its way online, either officially or unofficially. Either way, a description should be available soon. While we wait to find out, you can check out the brand-new image from the Venom movie below, thanks to Empire Magazine.

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