Dustin Hoffman Accused of Exposing Himself to a Teen, Assaulting More Women

The sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood have not let up since the Harvey Weinstein scandal rocked (and continues to rock) the entertainment industry. The Me Too movement gained momentum in early October and since then, many women and men have come forward to share their experiences with sexual misconduct at the hands of many powerful men in the industry, including Dustin Hoffman. Three women previously came forward and alleged that Hoffman had groped them and sexually assaulted them, but Dustin Hoffman seemed to come out of the ordeal relatively unscathed until John Oliver took him to task in front of a studio audience for an anniversary screening of Wag the Dog.

Variety reports that three more women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Dustin Hoffman. The first woman, Cori Thomas, was 16-years old when Hoffman came out of the bathroom and dropped his towel while she waited for her parents to come pick her up. She was friends with Hoffman’s daughter Karina and they had spent most of the day together. Thomas alleges that Hoffman put a robe on and then asked her to rub his feet while noting that he was naked under the robe and asking if she wanted to see him nude. Cori Thomas was saved by the phone ringing and said that she didn’t tell anyone because she was embarrassed, though her mother reportedly always thought that something had happened on that day.

Melissa Kester met Dustin Hoffman while the actor was making Ishtar in Los Angeles. Kester was dating a musician who was recording Hoffman’s dialogue and songs for the movie, so he invited her down to watch Hoffman work. She ended up talking to the actor and expressed her desire to write on her third visit to the studio. She alleges that Dustin Hoffman was interested in her writing and they exchanged phone numbers. However, on another visit to the studio, Hoffman had Melissa Kester come into the vocal booth with him and proceeded to put his hands down her pants while he continued to sing, out of sight from her boyfriend and the engineer. She didn’t tell anybody and ran into the bathroom crying. Kester adds that she believes that Hoffman began to stalk her after the incident until she told him to stop calling her.

The third woman told her story to Variety, but wished to remain anonymous. She too met Dustin Hoffman while he was working on Ishtar and described being asked by the actor to come sit in the director’s chair to watch the movie wrap. She had played a bit part and had talked to Hoffman a few times and ended up attending the wrap party. On the way to another party, she alleges that Hoffman put his hands up her skirt and sexually assaulted her in a station wagon with others inside. The woman alleges that she froze and did not know what to do. Afterwards, she says that she thinks that they had consensual sex, but isn’t so sure anymore.

Dustin Hoffman was married to his second wife and had children at the time of all three separate allegations that seem to follow the same patterns as the previous accusers. Variety reached out to Dustin Hoffman and his representation, but as of this writing, they have not received a response. Hoffman had offered a conditional apology at the time of the previous allegations, and underscored an “if” included in that statement, noting┬áseveral times that┬áhe didn’t really believe he had done anything wrong. He said that he had not engaged in groping, that he didn’t recall meeting Graham Hunter and that all his comments on set were simply how members of “a family” talked to one another. During the John Oliver talk, Dustin Hoffman accused the host of blindly believing everything that he reads and taking the sides of the accusers. You can read more about the three new allegations against Dustin Hoffman courtesy of Variety.

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