Disney Refused to Let Lucasfilm Release Solo in December?

Was Disney to blame for the perceived box office failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story? A new report certainly insinuates that Disney hurt the production in the end when they would not allow Lucasfilm to push the young Han Solo movie back until December of 2018. It has been reported that Lucasfilm has also put all of their in-development Star Wars spin-offs on hold after Solo took a nosedive at the box office, and now new information has started to trickle in about some of the behind-the-scenes actions that took place leading up to the release of the spin-off.

Star Wars News Net reports that Lucasfilm wanted to delay the release of Solo after Phil Lord and Chris Miller were let go from the project last summer, wanting to release the film in December. Apparently, the delays and reshoots for Rogue One and the firing of Lord and Miller did not make Disney very happy and they became impatient. The report states that Disney put their foot done when all was said and done. It reads.

“In light of the director change and having to nearly reshoot the entire movie, Lucasfilm wanted to move Solo: A Star Wars Story to December 2018, but Disney had enough of their previous films’ delays and put their foot down… Disney granted Lucasfilm the budget and time to make all the production changes they needed to fix anything broken with Solo, but that they had to make the May 25th release date.”

The next piece to this puzzle involves the marketing for Solo, which many believe was the true downfall for the Star Wars spin-off. Disney is pretty much in competition with itself at this point, and would not let the upcoming young Han Solo take away from the massive release of Infinity War. Many were under the opinion that the marketing of Solo took place at a later time due to The Last Jedi. However, this new report suggests that Infinity War was the main culprit. The report goes on to say.

“In addition to this, Disney told Lucasfilm that they would not let Solo interfere with their plans for Avengers: Infinity War, meaning Solo would not get any preferential treatment in marketing to make up for lost time due to its reshoots that lasted into the Fall of 2017.”

This leads us to the separate report that popped up today that claims that Lucasfilm is putting the Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi projects on hold indefinitely in order to focus on Star Wars 9, Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy, the D.B. Weiss and David Benioff project, Jon Favreau’s live-action TV series, and the animated Resistance series. There’s a lot going on behind-the-scenes for Lucasfilm, so it seems like this is a wise decision in the long run. Additionally, the Boba Fett movie wasn’t as well received as previously thought and hardcore fans were already questioning why it was in development.

Finally, it looks like Lucasfilm is finished working with newer filmmakers and will focus on working with industry veterans from here on out, according to the report. The experimentation period seems to be over, meaning that it could be quite some before we end up seeing anymore spin-offs like Solo or Rogue One. Again, this might be the best possible outcome for Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise going forward. You can read more about friction between Disney and Lucasfilm at Star Wars News Net.

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