Bungie aiming to make Destiny 2 feel like an entirely new game on PS4, Xbox One and PC

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Destiny 2 will launch in 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, sources have told Kotaku. Bungie also intends for the sequel to feel like a fresh new experience, not just another expansion.

Talk of PC version popped up on NeoGAF via user benny_a who revealed that a friend at Activision heard the news during in internal presentation. benny_a also noted that Activision’s Vicarious Visions had been tapped up to help out on Destiny 2, something Kotaku says it heard from two separate sources earlier in the year.

Kotaku notes that over the last few months it heard that Bungie’s top brass want Destiny 2 to have a real sequel feel, not just a bit more of what players already have. With this goal in mind the studio is prepared to abandon existing planets, characters and game activities. People connected to Bungie have told Kotaku that it’s a Diablo to Diablo 2 kind of leap.

“D2 is a completely different game,” said one source. “The Taken King was a reboot for Destiny 1 to fix small things. This is the overhaul to fix big things.”

One major addition will be “play-in destinations”, a new activity model which sources say will change the world of Destiny with planet areas populated with towns, outposts and quests that are more engaging to players.

Additional information has also been posted by NeoGAF insider shinobi602 who claims the new “play-in destinations” are designed to “have players conducting things & making activity decisions while still in control of their character, instead of having to exit out into an activity hub. Think of how in WoW, you hit a button and queue into activities you want to do all while still playing your character”.

According to Shinobi a major plot focus for Destiny 2 will be the Cabal & Saturn. “Saturn is a playspace is set to be bigger than all of the playspaces currently implemented in the game combined,” he reveals.

If, and it seems likely, Bungie decides to leave Destiny character progression behind, there’s the belief that players will be offered some kind of loyalty reward.

Shinobi adds that “there is talk in possibly allowing D1 remain as its own client, which flies against how Destiny currently operates, where as the new content renders the old client & content obsolete”.

Most of Bungie’s 750 staff are said to be working on Destiny 2, led by Taken King director Luke Smith and executive producer Mark Noseworthy. In addition there’s also help coming from the aforementioned Vicarious Visions, plus High Moon.

Bungie has not commented on the reports.

Source: Kotaku, NeoGAF

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