The Markforged Metal X prints real metal parts

The new Markforged Metal X is pretty great. It is a full metal 3D printer that generates real metal parts out of powdered metal which is then hardened under massive heat and allows for amazingly strong and light materials.

The printer uses tubes of powered metal bound with plastic. The “extruder” first creates the shapes on a regular build plate and then you bond the material in a small furnace. This reduces the size of the object but the printer can scan the objects it builds and assess the shrinkage associated with the heating process so it can automatically improve the design on the fly.

The company calls its new technology Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing or ADAM. The system allows for very unique design features including the ability to add honeycomb internal structures to lower the weight of parts.

“Customers will use it for end use parts in volumes up to 1000 a year,” said Greg Mark, founder. “This is a killer app for big companies that need to support a 50-years-old fleets of gear around the world.”

The build volume is 200x200x250mm and has a 50 micron layer height. The objects that come out of this machine are nearly indistinguishable from cast parts and they are amazingly strong.

The machine can print the following metals:

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