Stroy Moyd’s dating show in an Uber goes from meme to mainstream

For years, Oakland based standup Stroy Moyd has been driving for Uber and Lyft part-time to generate supplemental income.

It’s a familiar story to anyone in a creative industry— even though Moyd was headlining at top San Francisco clubs like the Punch Line and Cobbs, and opening for icons like Dave Chappelle at Fox Theater in Oakland, comedy didn’t always pay his bills.

Working for a couple of hypergrowth tech companies in the San Francisco scene had a happy side effect for Moyd, giving him tons of tech-tinged material for his act.

His content helped him get a membership at the hangout preferred by venture capitalists and startup founders in San Francisco, The Battery, where he sometimes performs to a members-only audience.

But Moyd finally gained some national fame in 2016 online after turning his Prius into something more than a ride to hail. He made it into a game show venue for something of a cross between Cash Cab and The Dating Game.

In a video clip he self-produced and called “Rideshare the Love,” Moyd set up lonelyhearts for a speed date of sorts, while driving them to their destinations.

He arranged the dates by putting out word to his personal network and mailing list of fans , and through the occasional Craiglist ad, he said. Friends would tell their singleton buddies, “Hey, I hailed you a ride, car’s on the way.” And then surprise them with the dating game.

Two competitors vie to become the chosen one. A single woman or man sit sits wearing an eye mask or blindfold, asking the suitors some fun questions, never seeing what they look like.

After a few rounds but before the first stop, the blindfolded party has to choose who he or she would prefer to date. And Moyd will drive them off to their first date straight away if they so choose.

But of course there’s a twist. If the person chosen doesn’t feel the love? He or she can reject the date, and walk away with a cash prize instead.

Moyd’s dating show video surfaced on Worldstar Hip Hop and went viral earlier this year. Now the meme is poised to go mainstream. Monami Entertainment has signed the comic’s production company, Hella Funny, and will be shopping Rideshare the Love around for network, cable or online distribution in 2017.

The talent management firm founded by TV producer Mona Scott-Young, is best-known for its work with Grammy-award winning hip hop icon Missy Elliot, and reality TV franchises including Love & Hip Hop, and Money, Power & Respect.

Here’s where to catch Moyd live before he blows up to Aziz Ansari levels.

Featured Image: Hella Funny Productions

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