Solo Is Finished and Will Arrive in Theaters on Time

Ron Howard has assured fans that Solo will be in theaters on time. Credit where credit is due, no matter what happens with the upcoming Star Wars standalone, Ron Howard walked into a very bad situation and got the job done. He’s been hard at work on the movie for months now and is currently busy doing some post-production stuff, which he’s been updating fans about on social media. However, that caused concern among some that feel they may be rushing to meet a release date with Solo. But Howard promises that’s not the case.

While it would be a stretch to say that everything has gone according to plan with this movie, it’s been a smooth ride, as far as we know, ever since Ron Howard started working on Solo: A Star Wars Story. He recently took to Twitter to reveal they were at Skywalker Ranch woking on the sound mix saying, “we are well into final sound mix. A little ahead of schedule and feelin’ good. Getting eager to share,” along with a photo of the soundboard and screen. This prompted a fan to respond with, “Coming out next month and you still haven’t finalized the film?? I have a bad feeling about this.” Rather than ignore it, Howard decided to squash everyone’s worries and responded. Here’s what he had to say.

“#May25. Edit is locked Score done. Right on schedule. Hope you check #Solo out and find it fun.”

So there you have it, Star Wars fans. Good or bad, Ron Howard promises they are on schedule and that the movie will be in theaters on May 25, which was the original release date for the movie. Many had assumed that Disney and Lucasfilm would bump the movie to December once directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired last summer. That didn’t come to pass. Instead, Howard was brought on board and busted his ass to get this movie done and earned himself a sole directing credit for doing so. Lord and Miller will be credited as executive producers.

But did Lucasfilm rush this thing? Ron Howard started doing his reshoots in late June of last year, and reportedly wound up reshooting about 80 percent of the movie. However, the cast was already in place, the script was done, sets were built and much of the VFX work had surely already been taking place. So even though that seems like a very quick turnaround for basically making an entire Star Wars movie, considering what was already done when Howard came on board, it actually does seem like Solo: A Star Wars Story is on schedule. They still have nearly two months to polish things up.

Something of particular interest to fans that also came up was the new Solo trailer. A fan wondered if there was even going to be another trailer for the movie. To which, Ron Howard simply said, “yep.” Last, but not least, the director also posted a photo as they were reviewing some of the special effects, which certainly looks like something you want to see in a Star Wars movie. You can check out Ron Howard’s Twitter posts for yourself below.

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