News: Violent motorcycle brawler Road Rage comes out in October

Maximum Games has announced that it’ll digitally and physically publish the motorcycle brawler Road Rage on October 24. The game was developed by Team6 Game Studios and will come to PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

Road Rage is an over-the-top, motorcycle action game where players race, battle one another and make their way up from the lowly ranks of a notorious motorcycle gang. One of the characters in the game can be decked out just like Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride from Kill Bill. Samurai sword and everything.

The game takes place in a city that’s been ravaged by underground crime. The goal is for the player to earn money from races and build a reputation for kicking ass and taking names. The player’s character can be customised with a range of outfits and the bike can be personalised as they see fit. Once the character and the bike has been equipped, players can choose from a wide-array of weapons to beast their way through the game’s 90+ story and side missions.

Road Rage is available to pre-order digitally from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam ahead of its retail release on October 24.

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