News: Total War: Rome 2 will become an Empire Divided in new DLC

Total War developers Creative Assembly today revealed new content for one of their games in its hugely popular Total War series, but perhaps surprisingly rather than for their latest offering, Empire Divided will be released for the older 2013 title Total War: Rome 2.

The DLC will consist of a new Campaign Pack set around 270AD and focusing on the period of instability in Rome known as The Crisis of the 3rd Century after the assassination of Emperor Severus Alexander by his own troops some thirty-five years earlier. 

The pack promises new campaign features, ten playable factions across five cultures, new period-specific events, missions and new buildings. In addition new ‘heroic factions’ will be included which include unique units based around the stories of real-life leaders from history, offering specific win conditions and quest chains attached to them.

In releasing the pack for the four year old game, Creative Assembly said ‘ We want to support our historical fans with some content for what is arguably our most popular historical title to date with hundreds of thousands of players still actively playing every month.’ They called it the ‘perfect opportunity for us to go back and address some of the areas we felt we could still improve.’

Total War Rome 2 Empire Divided screenshots 2

To add to this, CA also announced the Power & Politics update to launch on the same day, which will be a free release to all existing owners adding a whole new political system to the game allowing players to gain influence and political support by victories in battle and completing missions.

Full details on both the Empire Divided release and the Power & Politics update can be found on the Total War blog, including details on how to opt-in to the beta for the Power & Politics update before its release later this month.

Empire Divided and the Power & Politics update will release on November 30 on PC via Steam, with the former costing £10.79 with a 10% discount if bought before release. 


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