News: The Elder Scrolls stops bullets: confirmed

A Reddit user by the name of RabbitMix apparently had his life saved by his copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology when it stopped a bullet

RabbitMix was sitting at his computer when he heard a pop and breaking glass. He noticed a hole in the wall and eventually found the path of the bullet: right into his precious Elder Scrolls games. 

According to Rabbit, ‘At the time of the gunshot the bullet came out under my monitor and struck my TES Anthology which was sitting under my monitor on the left side. If the bullet had continued its original path it would have struck me on the upper left side of my torso.’ 

From RabbitMix’s imgur post. pour one out for those he lost.

While it was stopped from taking RabbitMix’s life, the bullet took out The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, as well as the expansions. Other discs, including Oblivion, were saved. For the full photo set, and read the thrilling story, you can see RabbitMix break it down on imgur.

In an update RabbitMix said that Bethesda has contacted him and offered to replace the Anthology. He’s also fleshed out the explanation in further comments on Reddit, saying that he’s ‘99% sure’ his neighbours let off the gun by accident. 

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