News: Someone's releasing not one, but TWO new Kinect games

Despite reports of Microsoft ceasing production of the Kinect last week, Finnish developer Virtual Air Guitar Company (best name) will not let the device go quietly into that good night, announcing TWO new games for the peripheral.

The first is a new entry in their Boom Ball franchise, imaginatively titled Boom Ball 3. Releasing in December, it’s a front-facing Breakout-style game, with players tasked to use their bodies to destroy a bunch of colourful cubic critters either solo or with a friend. The second is due in 2018, although there’s not much to go on as of yet outside of the name – Kinect Funhouse. 

Speaking on the games, VAGC’s founder and Lead designer Aki Kanerva said ‘Even though manufacturing has stopped, that doesn’t mean all the Kinects out there have suddenly stopped existing. We continue to support Kinect, and we’ll keep making Kinect games for as long as enough people keep buying them.’

Both games will be released through Microsoft’s [email protected] programme, with Boom Ball 3 set to cost £7.99 exclusively on Xbox One. (Obviously.) 

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