News: Sales of VR girlfriend experience have doubled following Oculus Rift price drop

Japanese developer Illusion has said that the recent price drop of the Oculus Rift has seen an uplift in sales of its VR girlfriend experience game, VR Kanojo. Writing on his Twitter account, Naoyuki Otsuru, the self professed Hentai VR Evangelist, has attributed the sales increase of VR Kanojo to the Oculus Rift’s hardware being more reasonably priced.

For those of you unsure exactly what a VR girlfriend experience is, it’s probably best you remain that way. The controversial adult game VR Kanojo launched in February of this year, coming from the innocent and youthful minds at Illusion Software, the folks behind a multi-banned game called Rapelay. So obviously we are off to a good, morally ethical start there.

A seeming rip-off of the PSVR Bandai Namco game Summer Lesson, VR Kanojo takes this premise and throws in plenty of saucy, definitely not-safe-for-life content on top. Literally. The game centres around a Japanese student called Sakura Yuhi. You’re her study partner, and let’s just say things get educational in a different way. I hear you can get to a home base, and it’s not the DIY store kind.

Such story, so great.

If you’re into your VR, and own an Oculus Rift or HTV Vive, you could in theory play VR Kanojo. I am still trying to think of one reason why, but not one example has pricked my imagination.

NSFW gameplay pics can be found here, if you really must.

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