News: PornHub hit by huge surge in Fortnite searches

Fortnite players, oddly enough, love watching porn like any other person. Apparently they have been enjoying it quite a lot in recent months though, as PornHub has reported a massive spike in searches for material based on the Epic Games-developed shooter.

Specifically, the adult website confirmed that searches for Fortnite porn — which users often pair with hentai, sex, and butt just to satisfy your curiosity — have jumped a massive 834 percent since September 2017. This kind of makes sense, as it was around the same time that the Battle Royale version of Epic Games’ title was released.

Apparently, things really sky rocketed after Canadian warbler Drake admitted to being a pretty big Fortnite fan and streamed the game via Twitch. Of course, Fortnite isn’t the only game people are searching for; Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also came up before and after folk had searched for that game.

Furthermore, men are 136 percent more likely to search for Fortnite porn than women, and apparently the most popular US state to search for this sort of material is Kansas. Finland takes the crown overall in terms of Fortnite searches proportionately, however.

Things are only likely to increase in terms of the game’s popularity following Fortnite’s launch on mobile devices. 

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