News: Nintendo is shutting Miiverse down

Update, 4:48PM, August 29: Nintendo UK has confirmed that Miiverse will close down at 6AM BST, November 8.

Nintendo of America has confirmed that the service will cease from 10PM PT, November 7.

Original Story, 12:00PM, August 29: Nintendo has confirmed in an update on its Nintendo of Japan website that it’s shutting down Miiverse, the social network it launched alongside the Wii U. The service will cease to work from 3PM JST, November 8. 

Nintendo has not commented on whether this shutdown will affect other regions, but it’s probably within the realms of possibility that other regions will receive a notification in the not-too-distant future.

Miiverse was a quite popular little social space where people could draw doodles for one another, share screenshots and even post helpful hints in friends’ games. It really caught on at one point, with the internet creating some wonderful things:

Source: NintendoToday

And amusing things:

Wii U and 3DS titles that originally had Miiverse functionality will be affected by the removal of the service. Nintendo has published an image of how New Super Mario Bros. would look following the removal of Miiverse from the game. 

Miiverse New Super Mario

According to Nintendo, there are around 93 titles (including demos) that will be affected by the ending of service on Miiverse.

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