News: Mark Cerny talks a little about PlayStation 4 Pro, Death Stranding, Spider-Man, 4K gaming and more

Amongst the slow trickle of their videos early this morning, Sony released a new video with none other than Mark Cerny, talking about the consoles future and a little about the games to come.

Mark Cerny discusses the response to the PS4 Pro, which is selling at the rate of one PS4 Pro sold for every five PS4 consoles. He also says that roughly half of the PS4 Pro users are playing on a 4K television.

According to Mark Cerny, Gran Turismo Sport will be running at 4K60 on PS4 Pro. So going by what he is saying, that means Gran Turismo Sport will no longer be running at checkerboard 1800p. Or will it? It’s not actually that clear exactly what resolution the end game will be running at.

Death Stranding was also discussed, Hideo Kojima’s latest is running on the Decima engine (previously used in Horizon Zero Dawn). Speaking on this Mark Cerny said that the game had a ‘certain clarity of vision’.

Insomniac Games upcoming (in 2018) Spider-Man is also interesting to Mark Cerny, with him being keen not to take away from what Insomniac Games are doing in any way. He has been spending quite a lot of time with the team, noting that ‘their focus is on gameplay innovation’. On the PS4 Pro Insomniac Games is using a, and I quote, ‘forward looking technique called temporal-injection that let’s them efficiently support 4K displays’. This essentially allows them to render the game at 4K with the ability to down-scale to 1080p for those who are playing with a PS4 Pro on a 1080p display. Which is nice for those folks.

Finally he discusses that after only six months, developers are now getting to grips with the PS4 Pro and games such as Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 are taking advantage of the extra horsepower available. Cerny clearly points this out stating, ‘I should point out that six months in, we are really only getting started with the PS4 Pro’.

So what does this boil down to for the end-user? Nicer games are on the way.

You can watch Mark Cerny discussing the PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming games in the brief video below.

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