News: Harmonix is bringing Super Beat Sports to the Switch in 2017

Harmonix has announced that the sequel to its local multiplayer Apple TV launch title, Beat Sports, is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. Currently there’s no firm release date for Super Beat Sports but the game is due to launch sometime before the end of 2017.

The game expands on the rather fun and quirky Apple TV game, featuring the four original mini-games (Buddy Ball, Whacky Bat, Gobble Golf and Net Ball) and one new mode, called Rhythm Racket, where the player has to, ‘Protect your goal and knock out the competition in this skill-based game full of radical ricochets and rhythmic free-for-all action’. It’s kind of like a mix of Air Hockey and Baseball, if that’s your bag.

Super Beat Sports will sport upgraded visuals, running at 60FPS in docked and handheld modes. Two of the game modes (Buddy Ball and Rhythm Racket) support four players and the other three (Whacky Bat, Gobble Golf and Net Ball) will allow three players to play together. Players can unlock new difficulties and compete for high score placements, and also customise their slugger’s outfit and bat. 

Super Beat Sports will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and is due to launch in late 2017.

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