News: Final Fantasy XV survey hints at potential story content

The latest update for Final Fantasy XV has arrived, and a new survey on the home screen lists some of the potential content being considered for future updates. These include adding supporting characters as playable characters, or additional story content. 

This may contain spoilers if you haven’t finished the game yet, so read on at your peril

Potential story content includes learning more about the past of hat and scarf enthusiast and/or bad guy Ardyn, ‘the World of Ruin’ and ‘Noctis’s disappearance (so, possibly seeing what went on while Noct was magically disappeared for a decade), and Lunafraya’s activities. 

These could potentially fill in a lot of gaps in the plot of the game, which is no bad thing.

Here’s a screenshot, from AllGamesDelta.

In full, the survey options read:

  • Story content: Ardyn’s past
  • Story content: Lunafreya’s activities
  • Story content: Cor’s activities
  • Story content: the line of Lucis
  • Story content: Ifrit’s betrayal
  • Story content: the World of Ruin
  • Story content: Noctis’s disappearance
  • Playable character: Cor
  • Playable character: Aranea
  • Playable character: Iris
  • Playable character: Lunafreya
  • Playable character: Gentiana
  • Additional mode: Hard difficulty
  • Upgrade: improved Armiger abilities
  • Upgrade: new stat-changing magic

The survey will be available until the end of June.

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