News: Ferrari drifts iconically into Project Cars 2

In the latest Project Cars 2 trailer, Slightly Mad Studios has revealed the first footage of cars from the iconic Italian manufacturer Ferrari. Players will be able to drive 10 cars that encompass 40 years of motorsport history, successes and driving really fast, replete with that inimitable Italian style. Divide et imperare, or something along those lines.

Despite not having Ferraris at all in the first game, Project Cars 2 will feature a total of 10 cars taken from the last 40 years of the company’s history, featuring cars such as the Daytona-winning Ferrari 330 P4 (a photo of which was proudly displayed in Enzo Ferrari’s office from the day it claimed total victory at Daytona), the 2002 Ferrari Enzo, which was the first road car built with Formula One technology, and also what many believe to be the final ‘analogue’ supercar, the 1989 F40 LM, which was the GT version of the first supercar to hit 370KM/H. It’s certainly a rich history.

Slightly Mad Studios are understandably thrilled about the inclusion of the iconic Italian manufacturer. ‘Curating and selecting Ferraris from over 80 years’ worth of motorsport history was both a challenge and a joy,’ said Stephen Viljoen, Game Director on Project CARS 2. ‘Our fans’ number one request after Project CARS 1 was to bring Ferrari to our game.’ So, pretty excited then.

The Ferrari 330 P4, 365 GTB4 Competizione, 288 GTO, F40 LM , F333 SP, F50 GT, Enzo, 488 GT3, 488 GTE, and LaFerrari will all come with Project Cars 2 on September 22, the date where luxury car coveters can soon revel in the splendour of the cars and rich history that’ve made Ferrari one of the world’s most revered car brands.

Project Cars 2 launches on September 22 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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