News: EA releasing slew of Star Wars Battlefront 2 tie-in content

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to launch in just over a week, and as is generally the way these days EA is dabbling in a little cross-promotion in its other games offering free DLC to owners of Battlefield 1, FIFA 18, NHL 18 and NBA Live 18.

As detailed on EA’s website, the sports games get kits all designed around Battlefront’s Inferno Squad, the squad that player character Iden Versio is a part of during the singleplayer campaign. These kits can be obtained from each game’s respective Ultimate Team mode, with NBA Live 18 also featuring time-limited Live Events to earn even more themed gear.

Meanwhile Battlefield 1’s giveaway is a little odd in that it makes sense from the standpoint of the game being from the same developers in DICE and all, but the Totokia War Club, as far as I can tell, has very little to do with Star Wars. But I suppose as a game more grounded in historical realism it’d be weird to see soldiers pew-pewing around with blasters and/or lightsabers. Players get the melee weapon for free by logging into the game after November 8

Star Wars Battlefront II meanwhile drops on November 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC following changes made to the controversial lootbox system.

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