News: Amazon UK altering SNES Mini pre-orders after 'change in availability'

Did you go for more than one of the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES Edition from Amazon UK when the pre-orders went up? Prepare yourself: you may have an email update changing your order to just the one. Amazon UK has been contacting customers who placed bulk orders today, informing them that it’s taken steps to limit stock of the in-demand SNES Mini. NeoGAF user Blam shared a screencap of their email, in which Amazon explained there has been a ‘change in availability’. 

There were two listings for the SNES Mini on Amazon UK: the original pre-order, priced at £79.99, and a relisted one where it matched the price of Nintendo UK’s store of £69.99. It goes without saying both listings are out of stock.

Since the preorders went live last week, it’s been nigh on impossible to pre-order from any retailer. GAME even took the steps of raising its deposit requirements when the level of demand became apparent. 

If stocks continue to be this limited, this console will be sold for silly money on the likes of eBay, just like the the Mini NES.

The Nintendo Classic Mini SNES Edition is due for release in the UK on September 29, coming with 21 games built into the system. One of these games will be the previously never released StarFox 2.

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