Hardware Battlefield wildcard ZMorph shows off its new multi-headed, iMac-like 3D printer

While the ZMorph 2.0 SX looks like an alien seed pod but it’s actually a powerful, multi-tool printer for the prosumer market.

The company has been around for a bit but this is their latest entrant in the 3D printing world and features multiple tool heads including a standard plastic extruder, a laser, a CNC router, and dual-head extruder for multiple colors.

The founder, Przemek Jaworski, created the system when he was working as an engineer in London. He found that he needed a machine that could manage multiple materials, multiple 3D design systems, and multiple tool heads. He couldn’t find anything that worked, was cheap, and could do exactly what he wanted. She he made his own.

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The entire system can be refitted for different jobs in a few seconds. He was able to remove a dual-material plastic extruder and stick on a CNC system on stage. It also allows you to mix two colors in one model, a first for FDM-style prints.

Judge Jonathon Triest said the design was “awesome.”

“It looks like Apple designed a 3D printer,” he said.

We first met the company when they made a 3D printed clock using their printer but now they’ve launched their 2.0 device at CES.

The dual head unit costs $2,690 or $3,890 for the full, five-head set. They are shipping internationally and selling to product developers and designers. It’s not quite a consumer device quite yet but it could be fun for in an educational environment.

Similar CNC and laser systems often feature only one or two heads. By creating a completely modular design – you can even disassemble the unit while its printing – ZMorph ensures that you can do more than just print Yoda heads on their bulbous little printer. The company also won a wildcard spot on the TC Hardware Battlefield stage.

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