GTA PS2 Trilogy patched in Europe to support 60Hz/30fps

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Sony has begun patching the European PS2 Classics versions of the GTA Trilogy to support a 60Hz refresh rate. The games were previously locked at 50Hz resulting in stuttering frame rates.

GTA 3 and GTA Vice City were both updated earlier this week to include support for the higher refresh rate, upgrading their frame rate from 25fps to 30fps. GTA San Andreas has yet to be updated.

The update means that the two games now match their North American counterparts, and run faster than the original European PS2 releases.

Digital Foundry uncovered the issue with the PS2 Classics versions in an in-depth analysis earlier this year, revealing that Sony’s initial “frame-blending ‘upscale'” tech resulted in noticeable “judder”. “Obviously, for those of us in Europe, this is a somewhat disappointing state of affairs,” it said at the time. “The PAL territories were blighted with poorly adapted code that often featured letterboxing, slowdown or other artefacts in the transition from 60Hz to 50Hz.”

GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas are available now on PS4 for £11.99 each, or in a bundle containing all three for £28.99.

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